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Where is the value in this offer?

The value in this offer is primarily that you get an affiliate website up on line in a matter of just a few minutes. There is the possibility of making some money and a probably surge right at first as you tell your family and friends about the site. If you put some additional work into the site there is a possibility that the income could grow.

Is this a Good Deal for Me?

You will have to search yourself honestly to answer that question. Would you feel comfortable witting reviews in your own words to produce unique content for your site? How are your typing skills? Are you ready to put in the time necessary to make this thing work for you? If you can't answer those questions in a positive manner this deal is probably not good for you.

What does the super affiliate get from this?

In addition to the subscription to the magazine the links that are on the site  and the additional links and banners that you can pick up from his site are sub-affiliate links. He gets paid for the transactions that take place and then pays you a portion of that commission. There is also a link back to the promotion page. If you send someone back that signs up for their own free affiliate website you get $10.00 per month for as long as they continue with the program. He gets another customer for his program. He also has other products that he hopes will interest you. If you don't do well in the program he has your subscription fee. If you do well in the program you will share your commissions with him.

Other Thoughts:

While it is possible to make money on the web it does take a certain skill set and commitment. The people that are making significant income on the Internet work hard at their chosen profession. Most people that are successful online would also be successful offline.

The advantages of your own online business are the advantages of being self employed. You set your own hours. You decide what jobs to undertake. You have greater freedom than if you are employed.

The disadvantages are that you have no supplied benefits or guaranteed steady income.


While it is possible that you can make money in this program particularly in the short term, if you are looking at the long term I think that there are better programs available. I would suggest that you watch the SiteSell Video listed in the top or bottom nav bar. (That is my affiliate link, but I do think that the SiteSell program is one of a very few that offer a good chance of long term success.)

Is this a good program for you?

Has this information been of help to you?

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