Internet Marketing – Is Your Time Management Out of Control?

By Chris Ford

Owning and running an internet marketing business or any home based business can be very demanding. Your time is priceless. When your time is mismanaged or out of control then you are out of control.

As we all know, running an internet marketing business can pull you in several diffferent directions. From managing your advertising, your autoresponder, your downline, your existing customers, enhancing your online education, managing your back office, running your business in general, your time is divided. Do you find yourself going in several different directions at the spur of the moment? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmend? If so, relax. That’s normal. We all do at sometime or another. Try these simple 4 tips to put you back in control of your time.

1. Block out times during the day for certain tasks. What works well for me is when I block out certain time periods during the day to achieve certain tasks. When I do this I become focused on that task and only that task. It’s kinda like scheduling an exam before your start studying. You know you have got to get it done because the deadline is approaching. For example, from 8 -9am, write a blog post; 10-10:30am, run your ads; 1-1:30pm, communicate with your downline; etc. You get the picture. Just make sure you leave time for your loved ones and family. If you have kids, make sure you block out their time.

2. Use a calendar. I use a day calendar and write my ‘to be done’s’ down on the calendar and place the calendar on my desk or work area so it’s visible at all times. The old saying ‘outta sight outta mind’ holds true in the internet marketing world. Time flies by. Keep your blocked out times on a calendar in eye sight during the day. A daily hour by hour calendar with specific times works well also. I simply prefer the day calendar because I like to visualize a month at a time.

3. Keep your work area organized. Have you ever been to someone else’s house or office and it looks like a tornado just hit it? I know I have. My first thought when I see this is, “I wonder if there mind is that cluttered as well?” That’s just me. I have to keep my work area simple, organized and clean. When I do this everything seems to flow smoother and easier and relieves any anxiety. Having a cluttered work area, even though you may know exactly where everything is, creates tension.

4. Exercise. Do you neglect your exercise? We all do to some extent. An internet marketing business will steal all your time and rob your health if not managed properly. Get away and take a walk, workout, any type of exercise. The experts say that endorphins will be released that will replenish your brain and your body. I’m not quite sure what an endorphin is, but it works for me. After exercising I am refreshed and have a different outlook on my business.

If you don’t manage your time, it will manage you. Try these simple 4 tips and improve your time management in your internet marketing business.

Chris Doe Ford – Does your internet marketing business control you or do you control it? If your time is not managed properly you are out of control. Try these 4 simple tips to improve your time management. Please visit my homepage for more information at

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