Ten Reasons To Get Excited About Google Plus

By Gordon Robinson

I really love Google Plus and have been using it more and more over the past few months. In my opinion its going to become one of the social media platforms that will stay in the game for the long haul. Lets face it – Google are very good at everything they do. Here are 10 reasons why you just have to love Google Plus.

#1 The +1 option is almost the same as the “like” button in Facebook. Wnen you do a Google web search and see a button that looks like a folder with a “+1″ on it, you can click on the “+1 folder” to share that link. When looking at a blog, picture or article you can click +1 button. On your Google Plus profile, +1′s show up under their own tab. It really is simple to find.

#2 Using Sparks – With other Social Media platforms to share something you have to open a new tab, select what you want to share, copy and paste the link and click the share button. Sparks allows you to search any topic on the Google + platform and when you find something you want to share, you just click the share button.

#3 I love the Google Plus Mobile App I use on my smartphone.Its really simple to use and has everything conveniently located in one place.

# 4 Google Plus combines the best of both Facebook and Twitter.With Twitter you can follow people but cannot really share pictures and blog posts. This can be achieved with Facebook but you cannot really follow someone on Facebook.Google + allows you have the best of Facebook and Twitter. Its very cleverly designed to achieve this.

#5 Google are good at what they do. GMail, Google Docs,Google Chrome, Google Calendar – these are all quality services. Google is a big player with all things digital and in the near future, based on the increased growth of Google Plus – we will all have a Google + account.

#6 Following of from point number 5 – Google is grabbing more and more of the World Wide Web presence and has an amazing set of free tools available to anyone who wants them. It is really easy to integrate Google Plus to use with all these other fantastic Google Tools.

#7 Once you have included all your close contacts into Google Circles, you can continue expanding your circles by adding “public circles.” Search “public circle” on any subject within Google + and you will probably find a circle that has been published. This is a great way to grow your audience and reach more people.

#8 Google Plus has a Whats Hot section. Google selects trending news and views on Google Plus and lets you know what the Google Plus world is talking about. Google Plus also makes sure that the same person does not always show up in Whats Hot – giving anyone the opportunity of having their posts seen by millions.

#9 Google Plus also has Hangout. A cool tool that allows groups to chat via webcam. A bit like Skype but not! Google Plus ticks many boxes.

#10 Facebook did an upgrade to their platform to make finding friends using categories and groups.One can only imagine that Facebook got this idea from Google. Google’s circles give you the ability to group the people you “follow” and filter not only the posts in you feed but also your own posts. The benefit of this over Facebook’s friend groups is that you can actually follow someone without having to be their friend. Google circles is a great networking tool and makes sharing so easy.

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