Social Media Marketing The Right Way

Social media is now central to the way we live and communicate and as a result is a principal tool in successful online marketing it is as simple as that. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or anything else; social media profiles now boast followers in the hundreds of millions that range from the average Joe to the President of the United States of America.

Thanks to the rise in mobile technology; social media profiles are now easily accessible and as a result, the lure of checking our profiles and speaking to our online friends is far too tempting and we find ourselves drawn into the social media platform often three or four times a day.

There is no gravitational explanation as to the attraction of social media; perhaps other than our undetermined human desire for gossip but whatever the reason may be; social media sites across the board are now crucial to a strong online marketing strategy so much so that social media profiles have been included in the latest Google algorithm update.

Upon the announcement of the Penguin update; businesses left and right and centre soon began setting up social media profiles on any and every site that would allow them but there is much more needed then simply setting up a profile. Google and your business’ favourite word should be ‘fresh’; everything needs to now be fresh and whether it is your content, your images or your social media profile, everything must be fresh and daily updated in order to gain you substantial favour with the Google search bots.

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; your business will highly benefit from social activeness which is why it is wise to update statuses several times a day, and use an automatic feeder to update daily website blogs onto your social sites. Updates will keep your page active for the purposes of Google but as a business you will benefit by going that one further and attempting to engage with your followers.

Engagement is key and the more a business talks to their audience, rather than at them and provides enticing and interesting topics for discussion; the more activity their page will see and thus the more popular it will become. It all sounds rather confusing but it is in fact as simple as can be. Many businesses score themselves a good following and assume that the next, best step to business growth is good old sales tactics but that is most definitely not the right way to undertake social media marketing. The right way for a business to project themselves on such social sites as Facebook and Twitter will be by getting into the mind-set of the consumer; asking and answering questions that they will find useful and interesting, discuss topics, provide a helping hand and even go so far as to talk about every day, unrelated issues and post humorous images that may entice interest and encourage shares and likes; the more of these you are able to get, the better.

Social media is now a highly influential tool and can determine the true success of a social media profile however it is all dependent on just how a business attempts to incorporate such into their online marketing strategy. There is a right way and a wrong way to socially market your business…just how are you marketing yours?

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