The Five Top Ways To Make Money On The Internet

I subscribe to a number of email newsletters on how to make money online. I do it because I want to blog about it what catches my eye. I also do it in case I want to take on another income stream.

Based on what I see every day, week after week, here are 5 of the top ways people are making money online right now.

1. Affiliate Marketing. Google Adsense is still paying off for people who stick with it.

Google is looking more for authority websites right now. This takes a little bit more effort to develop a site of 20 pages or more, therefore there is less competition doing it.

Clickbank is a good way to make money. However, the trick is to create info products and get other people to sell them for you. This way you do not have to worry about website traffic, SEO, and so on.

2. Amazon Kindle. Make money writing your own books and selling them on Amazon.

I get more emails on this then anything else right now. There is plenty of proof it is being done as well.

3. Internet Writer. I am not talking about writing a 500 word articles for $4 either.

There are plenty of businesses right now that will pay you good money to write content for their website or their blog. Earning a six-figure income writing on the Internet is a great way to make money at home and set your own schedule. I like Angela Booth as a teacher on how to do this.

4. Mobile Apps. Recently John Reese took on a group of students in a program that would teach them how to get rich creating mobile apps.

He predicted he would develop a $100 million business using just this way to make money. When someone of his caliber makes a statement like this you have to sit up and take notice.

5. Network Marketing. Solavei and Send Out Cards are two of the top programs I have been seeing promoted online. Solavei is new and Send Out Cards is over 8 years old.

The Internet is certainly making it more feasible for people to get involved and quickly make money in network marketing. These two programs appear to be hot right now.

These are 5 examples of the top ways to make money on the Internet right now. Other top ways include local business marketing and penney auctions. So is providing a service that businesses will pay for such as website design and being a virtual assistant.

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