Continuity Income From Your Website Business – The Eighth Wonder of the World!

By Martin Li

Some internet marketers describe continuity or recurring income as the eighth wonder of the world. Not everyone agrees – Albert Einstein, for example, famously awarded that accolade to compound interest. However, let’s not split hairs about this, particularly with Einstein! It’s an undeniable fact that continuity or recurring income, particularly through a website business, is a wonderful phenomenon indeed.

Before we go any further, let’s clarify exactly what we mean by continuity income. This is income that recurs periodically through an ongoing product such as a membership site, course or other subscription. The beauty of such continuity income is that provided you continue to provide value to your customers (which of course you must do), your customers will continue to provide you with an income, and this income is very likely to grow over time.

Traditional businesses start each month back at zero – ie, with no sales in the new month. In contrast, if you have a continuity business, you know to within a fairly high degree of accuracy how much income you will earn that month (or week or other period depending on how often you charge for your continuity product) – even if you make no new sales in that period.

How excellent is that? You continue to earn income from your internet marketing business month after month without having to make any new sales. If you continue to market and make sales (most online businesses will do this on virtual autopilot once they have reached a certain critical mass), that recurring income cannot help but grow.

What this means is that if you have a continuity product, you won’t need to make as many sales to achieve any chosen level of monthly income.

What’s more, it can be just as easy to sell a continuity product as it is to sell a one-off product.

And it gets better…

Continuity products such as membership sites provide many benefits in addition to their ability to provide you with a recurring monthly income.

First, they offer income on virtual autopilot as your members can renew their subscriptions automatically, without any further input from you.

And, because each member generates recurring rather than one-off income, each new member you add to your product will have a much higher lifetime value. What this provides you with is a wealth-generating asset that will appreciate in value over time.

Membership sites are the classic example of a continuity product. Membership sites also allow you to create a strong relationship with your members, which makes it easier to make additional product sales, and get feedback on existing or proposed future products.

Running a membership site can also help you become recognised as an expert in your field.

While these are huge attractions, we also need to recognise that continuity income products such as membership sites also have their downsides, for example, they take more effort to set up than a one-off product such as an audio or video, and often require special software (to keep private, members only content behind a “pay wall”).

Second, a membership site needs a minimum amount of content at launch. This might be written content, training, audios, videos, etc, but you need to offer your members good value in return for them providing you with a recurring income. A membership site with little or no content will not succeed.

Furthermore, you generally (though not always) need to keep on providing new content to your members on a regular basis, and you need to commit to doing this if you are to maintain your continuity product.

However, as I mentioned, you don’t always need to provide new content for your members on an ongoing basis. One alternative that involves less of a commitment from you is to launch a fixed-term membership site. Over the next couple of articles, I’ll explain the concept behind such fixed-term membership sites, show you why they are so attractive and can be so profitable, and show you how you can set one up over the course of a longish weekend.

Until then, please start thinking about how you can introduce a continuity model into your internet business.

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