How To Make $150k A Year By Giving Away Free Stuff

By Mark Anastasi

I once heard Eben Pagan explain his marketing philosophy behind his 20 million dollar a year ‘DoubleYourDating’ online business.

“My idea was to create a free email newsletter that contained such great content, that we would be delivering 100 million dollars a year in value. If you give away 100 million a year in value, you can expect to get 10 million a year back. You’ve got to blow people away with your free content and then sell them on your paid stuff. Give away your best stuff. You must give away some of your best content in order to capture attention. Move the free line further down the sales funnel, converting what previously were paid-for products into free resources.”

And of course that is what I’ve been doing for the best part of 8 years, by giving away free reports, free downloads, etc. to build my list.

$150,000 A Year By Giving Away Free Stuff

I was reminded of this because I’ve just received an email about a very interesting success story.

Apparently, the founder of this website is affiliate marketer Nick Smith, who makes over $150,000 a year from this site… by giving away FREE stuff!

A short bio I found online states: “Having given up “the day job” in 2000 to set up an off-line business, Nick stumbled across affiliate marketing 5 years later whilst researching ways to generate additional income.

Despite having no technical ability he found, through trial, error and sheer perseverance, he could earn a good living online.

Hardly Rocket Science was incorporated in 2007, and the following year’s profits were ploughed back into purchasing the domain” trawls the Internet, magazines, supermarkets, etc. and informs its users about where they can get free stuff or where they can win things like £2,000 to spend at a supermarket, free cinema tickets, free SIM cards with free calls, free Nike trainers, free days out, free perfume samples, gardening freebies, car freebies, and dozens more types of freebies…

(every year they’re adding thousands of dollars worth of VALUE to their users…)

(remember the Laptop Millionaire’s ‘Millionaire Secret #2′: Money Is Nothing But The Measure Of The Value You Create For Other People…)

How Do You Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff? has 80,000 unique users per month, and a mailing list of 80,000 subscribers receiving its newsletter.

The site also has 21,000+ friends on Facebook.

The demographics of their users are predominantly female (65% female, ages 18-45), as they tend to be more money-savvy and budget-savvy than their male counterparts.

So how does monetize this ‘tribe’ of followers they have?

They offer advertising on their website, their newsletter, and to their Facebook following.

For example, they can generate leads for your business (starts at £0.50 per lead), or you can advertise on their homepage (starting from £750 per month), you can sponsor a competition, advertise in their newsletter, or even advertise on their Facebook page.

What a Brilliant Idea!

This site is such a brilliant idea, kudos to its founder Nick Smith.

This concept reminds me of one of my all-time favorite business success stories, the monthly newsletter subscription service created by the late John Gommes.

John hired a woman for £1,000 a month to research and list every week all the free competitions people could enter to win free stuff.

Among those she identified were competitions like “Win a free car by entering the Tesco supermarket draw!” and “Win a free holiday to the Caribbean by entering the Thomas Cook draw!” and “Win a year’s supply of wine,” or “Win a free toaster!”

He promoted this newsletter service through direct mail in the United Kingdom, and he signed up more than 50,000 paying members and made millions of pounds from it.

Some entrepreneurial spirits out there should look to emulate this business model in different countries and different languages.

Perhaps there are opportunities to specialize and niche oneself with a site exclusively for free holidays, or free trips, or free seminars, or ‘win free cars’ competitions…

What do you think?

MARK ANASTASI is an Internet entrepreneur and founder of the Inspired Marketing Group. Organizing events such as The Traffic Generation Summit, The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, and The Passive Income Summit, he has trained over 12,000 entrepreneurs around the world since 2005. Want more? Grab my free reports and videos on

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